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I have a website at http://www.presentbladet.se (unfinished). When I hover the "Test product" a magnifying glass appears. So far, so good.

Fade in - but keep hover in CSS

I want the transition to be smooth with a fade in effect. I still want to keep as much as possible in the CSS and just make the delay / fade in jQuery / jQuery UI.

I use this code on my site:

$("li.item a").hover(function() {
    $(this).toggleClass("hover", 10000);
        return false;

Delay part don't work

It works almost. It toggles the class "hover" but the delay part don't work at all. The transition is instant instead of fade in slow.

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You must add toggleClass part of jQuery UI for toggleClass animation. Now your page has only the core, widgets and tab. Go to download page and select Effects Core

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Does this help?


You could probably just add .fadeIn(500) to your function that's calling the image on mouseOver, I think. Adjust the number to adjust the speed or just use the words fast or slow.

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jQueryUI extends the core jQuery.animate function to allow you to specify a class for the element(s) to animate to.

From the docs: "...It's heavily used by the class transition feature..."

You might want to give that a go. Something like this.

$("li.item a").hover(function() {
    $(this).animate("hover", 10000);
    return false;
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/* i Don't know exactly whether this is your requirement , if no please post a more specific code , try this code first */
    $("li.item a").hover(
    function() {$(this).addClass("hover");},
    function() {$(this).removeClass("hover");}
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