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I know that I can pin applications to the dock and launch them from there. However, is there a way to pin a program to the dock that is not an "application" in the MacOS sense, like a bash script for example?

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You can drag any file to the right bar of the Dock (where the Trash and folders are), and execute it by clicking it.

To execute a shell script, you can save it as a .command file and the OS will pick it up.

Another alternative would be to create an Applescript application for your script, and use it like any application.

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There are also tools to make applications from shell scripts, perl, python etc. There's DropScript and Platypus that I know of. They have the advantage that you can drag and drop files onto them.

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Platypus is cool –  aehlke Jan 15 '10 at 1:44

The Script Editor can create applications based on AppleScript. Stick the following code into a script and save it as an application:

do shell script "~/"

Where ~/ is the path to your shell script.

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unfortunately, this does not work anymore... any clue? –  meduz Feb 10 '14 at 20:48
Is your script executable, meduz? And do you have a shebang line at the top? ( ) –  Samir Talwar Feb 12 '14 at 15:22

Rename it to something.command, and in its Get Info window, select Open With > Then when you double-click it, it will launch the Terminal and run the script. You can drag that to the dock.

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