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I have the full path to a file and the full path to one of its parent directories in two variables in Perl program.

What is a safe way to calculate the relative path of the file relative to the parent directory. Needs to work on windows and unix.


$filePath = "/full/path/to/my/file";
$parentPath = "/full";
$relativePath = ??? # should be "path/to/my/file"
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Use File::Spec

They have a abs2rel function

my $relativePath = File::Spec->abs2rel ($filePath,  $parentPath);

Will work on both Windows and Linux

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use Path::Class;
my $full = file( "/full/path/to/my/file" );
my $relative = $full->relative( "/full" );
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+1 I like Path::Class, it papers over some design warts in File::Spec. –  daxim Nov 21 '11 at 11:00

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