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I have been working on a LiftSuggest - an automatic Product Recommendations generator.

Now,I have introduced a bundling functionality which will bundle two products and assign discount.

For example, On product page of A of the client's site,I(LiftSuggest) displays a bundle Saying "Buy A and B together and avail 10% off on net value". Now, when the user clicks on the add to cart button , I want both the products to be added simultaneously to cart. I had implemented the solution proposed on this link, but I need the products to be added on click of add to cart button,without entering the quantity or providing the check box.Just imagine that you can see a box( container) containing two products and on click of add to cart button-in that div container itself, both of them should be added to cart.I can make out that I need to store both the products in session, but I don't know exactly how to proceed.

Scripting language used:PHP

Please Help!

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There are cart rules for various shopping carts. You can manipulate those rules through coding and achieve the desired output.

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