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I am trying to request (using the gapi source code) the referred from link to the users website. so for example if they clicked through from facebook, and how many referrals came through.

My gapi code to link for page view by date currently looks like this.

$ga = new gapi(ga_email,ga_password);
$filter = 'country == United Kingdom && browser == Firefox || browser == Chrome';
$ga->requestReportData(ga_profile_id,array('browser','browserVersion'),array('pageviews','visits'),'-visits',$filter,  $start_date=$date, $end_date=$date);

and is echoed in the page with

<?php echo $ga->getVisits() ?>

How do i get the filter to display the refered from in a list nd echo it through the page?

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Here's my script that sole purpose is to get referral URL and total pageviews and visits. I think that's what you want.


require 'gapi.class.php';

$ga = new gapi(ga_email,ga_password);

$filter = 'medium==referral && referralPath != /';

/***  // << add '/' to uncomment
$date_start = '2011-11-01';
$date_end = '2011-11-13';
//**/$date_start = $date_end = null;

    array('source','referralPath'),//what field you are looking for
    array('pageviews','visits'),//what metric you want to calculate
    '-visits',//sort order, prefix - means descending
    $filter,//filter query
    $date_start,//yyyy-mm-dd or null
    $date_end,//yyyy-mm-dd or null
    1,//offset lookup
    100);//max result
  <th>Referral URL</th>
foreach($ga->getResults() as $result):
  <td><?php echo $result->getSource() . $result->getReferralPath() ?></td>
  <td><?php echo $result->getPageviews() ?></td>
  <td><?php echo $result->getVisits() ?></td>
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thank you so much –  meohmy Nov 15 '11 at 18:02
Thanks I have been trying to do this for a while! Awesome –  jasondavis Jan 3 at 23:52
This is great but do you know how to make is show the top referrals for a particular page? I am trying top show my top referrals for each blog post on a wordpress site? I tried changing my filter to this... $filter = 'pagePath==/articles/50-web-developer-documentation-manuals-you-need-to-know-abo‌​ut/ && medium==referral && referralPath != /'; but it seemed to only show a handful of results when I did this which can't be accurate! –  jasondavis Jan 4 at 0:25

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