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I'm very new to SQL and I originally setup my table 'item2' with fields that contain numeric values, but are stored in varchar fields. I need to convert these to a numeric value, I think int(11) will be fine. I'd like to write a query to convert the fields. Any help would be appreciated.

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Why not just do it easily via phpMyAdmin?

Just view the structure of the table, and edit the required information.


ALTER TABLE `yourTable` CHANGE `yourTableRow` `yourTableRow` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL
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ALTER TABLE yourtable CHANGE oldname newname newtype


ALTER TABLE yourtable CHANGE varcharfield varcharfield INT

It looks weird to have the fieldname twice, but MySQL's alter syntax requires a 'new' name for the field being altered, even if it's not going to be changed.

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Try this, it should change the data type:

ALTER TABLE tablename CHANGE COLUMN old_col_name new_col_name column_definition;

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