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I'm running PyDev 2.2.3 on Aptana 3.0

The following example project resembles my current working project:


In lib I have reader.py containing a base class Reader(object), and rssreader.py containing RSSReader(Reader).

I'd expect PyDev, when running the Fix/Order Imports to add a line to rssreader.py saying

from reader import Reader

instead it's autogenerating

from lib.reader import Reader

Any ideas?

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It is related on how is configured your PYTHONPATH in your Pydev project.

If looks like your PYTHONPATH contains only project-dir so Pydev autoimport in an absolute way, so it makes from lib.reader import Reader.

If you want to have from reader import Reader, you'll have to put in your PYTHONPATH the project-dir/lib directory (in preference before the project-dir/ directory).

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Is this desired behaviour, instead of looking at the relative path when 2 .py's are residing in the same directory? –  Sjaak Trekhaak Nov 15 '11 at 15:15
@SjaakTrekhaak : it's often preferable to use absolute imports in python instead of relative one (in fact that's what PyDev choose). In python, you could use relative imports with from .reader import Reader (as explained by PEP328) –  Cédric Julien Nov 15 '11 at 15:50

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