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I want to use the screen.height and screen.width property of the QML Screen Element described here: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qt-components-symbian/qml-screen.html so that I can use anchors in my resizable Qt app.

Strangely I can't find how to use it. Just using screen.height or Screen.height gives a can't find variable error. In the documentation it says :

A screen is exposed as a context property named screen. It is not possible to instantiate a Screen object in QML, but the screen must be accessed through the context property.

I think this might explain my question but as I'm new to Qt I don't know what it means. Please if anyone can just help me with my stupid question?

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I have realized that using set fullscreen resizes my root object so after 5 hours rewriting my app to use values relative to the root object.

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If you are using Qt Creator 2.2.1 then use viewer.showFullScreen(); in main.cpp.

In older versions, where QmlApplicationViewer is not auto generated I used the following code

QDesktopWidget *screen = QApplication::desktop();

QRect rect = screen->screenGeometry(-1);

int screenHeight = rect.height();

int screenWidth = rect.width();

delete screen;

QDeclarativeView *view = new QDeclarativeView;

if(screenHeight > screenWidth)




QObject *parentObject = qobject_cast<QGraphicsObject *> (view->rootObject());



where the QDesktopWidget is used to get the screen and its corresponding size.

If the screen height is more, then I will load the QML file designed for Portrait mode else the Landscape mode.

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