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I am looking for a library to use that will allow me to create mirrored, stacked column charts such as this.

For my web application, I am using the Google Visualisations API for interactive client side graphing, and on the server side (for data export), I am using MS Charts.

There are tonnes of Stacked Column Charts out there, but none that seem to allow mirroring. The closest I have found is RGraph, but it doesn't seem to be that configurable, so was hoping to have at least more than 1 option.

Ideally I would like a Javascript solution to this, but a good server-side (C#) library would also be ok.

Thanks, Phil.

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I use the Highcharts library for data presentation. It's a javascript API that creates SVG charts (or VML in IE < 9.0). I haven't worked with the bar charts personally, but their demo site shows a chart similar to your link above and I know there are options to invert the axis. Click "View Options" on the demo site for a starting point.

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you can check the extjs4 chart, it can show combine column chart. example extjs

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