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I've got a jQuery UI custom widget:

$.widget('ui.objectpicker', {
    _init: function() {
        this.memberList = [/* ... */];
        // ...

    // ...

    getMemberList: function() {
        // this correctly logs the value I wish to return
        return this.memberList;

But when I use the above code, it returns the jQuery wrapped object instead of the member list (JS fiddle):

// logs 'this.memberList', but returns the $('#my-item') object

How do I return this.memberList instead of $('#my-item')?

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You need to look into the $.fn.widget implementation. It seems it add a wrapper to user defined method. So your return value will just be ignored. I think you will need to change the prototype of $.fn.widget –  ComfortablyNumb Nov 15 '11 at 16:54

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It looks like my problem is my antiquated version of jQuery/jQuery-UI. I'm running jQuery UI 1.7, and the widget factory that provides this functionality didn't land until 1.8 (thnx to <ajpiano> on the #jquery IRC channel for this tip).

You can see an example here.

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