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I would like to plot this datafile



Where the first column is the X Axis, the second one is the Y Axis and the third one the label to put above each column of the histogram.

Before now, I use this syntax to plot the graph (but without any label)

set terminal png ;
set title "Hello" ;
set xlabel "Country" ;
set ylabel "values" ;
set style fill solid ;
set xtic rotate -45 ;
set datafile separator "|" ;
set style data histograms ; 
plot '/root/temp.txt' using 2:xtic(1) notitle

But if I try to add labels gnu plot give me error!!

The syntax I use to add labels is plot '/root/temp.txt' using 2:xtic(1):3 with labels notitle

Could you please help me? Thank you

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Could you also post how you are trying to add the labels? Then it is easier to see what is going wrong. –  Woltan Nov 15 '11 at 16:12
I would like to add the label (column 3). If i try plot '/root/temp.txt' using 2:xtic(1):3 with labels notitle it makes error...! –  user1047926 Nov 15 '11 at 16:23

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