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I've a simple question about unexpected view caching in chrome. I've Asp.Net MVC web-app. On my search page I've a reset button which does a page refresh using a javascript function (simple window.location.href logic). All is good and working fine in IE as well as FF.

When I started testing in google Chrome I'm getting some unexpected view caching - in short the browser is showing cached view result.

I tried the following on top of my action but no effect in chrome -

[OutputCache(NoStore = true, Duration = 0, VaryByParam = "*")]

A simple F5 will also refresh/reset the page to original state but my js function based refresh is not working in Chrome. Any idea?

Extra: Does chrome understand table / div width in % done via style or inline attribute? I got some unexpected hiccups while testing.

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Well, this was long ago. Now, I've partial postback using AJAX (and I use jQuery.forms.js so I can do $(frmId).ajaxForm({ ...}))

So, I don't have to wait / rely on the browser to refresh. Now, the content of my Grid is replaced directly with what is being returned from my partial view.

Also see, more processing upon success & extended validation beforeSubmit

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