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I want to delete text from multiple files. It could be from 10 to 1000 files, so deleting it by hand is too much work. I found a couple of SO questions, such as: Delete specific lines in multiple Text Files with freeware App? but none of them helped

To do find and replace, I could write a perl command, but it lacks options. For example, I want to delete the first four lines in all files. Does anyone know a solution? Or maybe an app? I would prefer something without VBScript.

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sed(1) or awk(1) would be great for this job. For example, to delete the first 4 lines of all of the .txt files in the current directory:

sed -i~ 1,4d *.txt

This will delete the first 4 lines of all .txt files anywhere in a subdirectory of the current directory:

find . -type f -iname \*.txt -exec sed -i~ 1,4d '{}' +
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Thanks this will do! – Lukas Nov 16 '11 at 6:43

BBEdit TextWrangler (free) has the capability to make changes in multiple files. The command is "Multi-File Search" under the "Search"menu.

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Thanks but can't find that textwrangler could delete couple of lines, it can replace, but the file searching doesn't give me a good result. Thanks for your help! – Lukas Nov 16 '11 at 6:43

SED would probably work very well. Is free and can do a lot of what you want. There are windows, mac and linux ports.

SED Stream Editor

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If for example you are trying to remove comments from multiple files of code, and there is a pattern like all comments start with #, then open up a console, move into the directory where your files reside, and type the following commands:

foreach file (*dat)
sed '/^\#/d' $file > tt
mv tt $file

In other cases, you may have a text file for which a give number of lines on top are comments. Let's say that you want to get rid of the first 3 lines. Well, here is the trick:

sed '1,3d' myFile > tt 
mv tt myFile

Here is what happens:

  • sed '/^\#/d' myFile removes all lines starting with # from the file myFile and outputs the result in the console.
  • > tt redirects the output into a temporary file called tt
  • mv tt myFile moves the temporary file tt to myFile
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