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I don't see any obvious way of getting all comments by a user, or all likes.

If tried such queries as post_fbid, fromid, text, time FROM comment WHERE fromid={1}&access_token={0}

and variations with me(), and such, but the clearly won't work per the documentation stating the WHERE clause must be associate with a * column defined in the documentation.

Does anyone know a way of getting all comments by a user, or all likes by a user?

to be more specific... Likes by user all together... not just "like" a page.

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I used a FQL something like this for get all likes from current logged in user.

SELECT object_id FROM like WHERE user_id=me()
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You can use the Graph API for that. A User has connections to Posts, Likes and Feed (you'll need various permissions for each, see the API docs). By accessing this link with a valid access token you can see your likes:

And here it is in the Graph API Explorer:

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Yes, I found this info. I'm talking about everything a user has pressed "like" on in facebook. This method call the pages the user has liked, not, for instance, the specific status updates or comments a user has liked. – wakurth Nov 15 '11 at 17:48

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