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I'm using the jQuery Cycle plugin to create a text "scrambler": the "cycler" div loads with a single text sentence, which doesn't change. Then on clicking a button, the text should (a) rapidly cycle through all the other text strings and (b) stop automatically after 1 second on a different (random) text string. Clicking the button again should repeat the effect, each time coming to rest on a different snippet of text.

Here is my code. I am avoiding autostop and autostopcount, since I believe "stopping" in Cycle's terms destroys the instance of the slideshow and doesn't easily allow re-starting. I think I just want to pause and resume the slideshow

    // Configure cycle slideshow
        fx: 'none', 
        speed:  '1',
        timeout: '10',
    }).cycle('pause'); // Pause the slideshow immediately

I can configure a dummy link to manually pause/resume the slideshow on each click with no problems:

    // Toggle slideshow when clicking button
        return false;

But since I want to pause the slideshow automatically, 1 second after the button being clicked, I changed the above code to the following:

    // Play then Pause 
        return false;

Unfortunately this has the effect that the slideshow won't even start playing on click.

Any ideas? Should I be using setTimeout instead of .delay() for some reason? Thanks.

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Not to answer the question, but get rid of the comma after


IE will throw a fit!

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Thanks -- good point. –  James Muspratt Nov 15 '11 at 16:57

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