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I am trying to pass 2 rows to a BAPI table, but my code is taking only the 2nd row all the times.

I is passing the data as:

6 7 8
6 7 8

instead of:

1 2 3
6 7 8

Here's what I've tried:

IRfcFunction bapiTEST = _rfcDest.Repository.CreateFunction(strBapi);

IRfcStructure structImport = _rfcDest.Repository.GetStructureMetadata("ZBAPI_A_STRU_ORDER_CLICK").CreateStructure();

structImport.SetValue("NUM1", "000001");
structImport.SetValue("NUM2", "000002");
structImport.SetValue("NUM3", "000003");

IRfcTable tblImport = bapiTEST.GetTable("IMPORT");

structImport.SetValue("NUM1", "000006");
structImport.SetValue("NUM2", "000007");
structImport.SetValue("NUM3", "000008");

bapiTEST.SetValue("IMPORT", tblImport);

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Don't suppose you have access to the source code of the custom bapi? My first guess is it is expecting a table with an implicit work area and your remote call isn't handling that correctly. But I don't have any experience with C#. – Bryan Cain Nov 15 '11 at 18:32
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I think you're reusing structImport, so the second time you're calling SetValue is also affecting the first structImport you inserted. Try calling another CreateStructure() in between.

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Yes. thank you Rene. that did solved my issue. thank you very much. – Venky Nov 17 '11 at 14:59

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