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I am using OpenSSL to construct my own self signed certificate which I have in an X509 structure. I wan't to extract the certificate data out of the X509 structure into a char array.

I am aware of the following macro:

PEM_Write_X509(file *, certificate *)

This will output to a file something like:


What I really want is just the "DATAHERE" part directly into a char array. There are a baffling number of macros for doing various things, but I haven't stumbled across one that does what I'm after. Is there anything suitable that I haven't found?

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BEGIN and END sections are boundaries for the PEM text. This is standard convention. I believe, removing these sections will make the certificate unusable.

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You won't find any API giving you only there DATAHERE part because the PEM certificate consists of all the three sections. – Drona Nov 16 '11 at 6:15
Excellent, Many thanks for clarifying! – JamieH Nov 16 '11 at 7:31

What you presented is a PEM-encoded representation of the certificate (which by itself is a DER data).

In your case you just strip this text and you have base64-encoded DER data of the certificate.

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