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Is it possible to make an editable formula field in an object?

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A formula field is not editable. You could create an "override" field. This is the formula for the formula field:

IF(ISBLANK(OverrideField), "Formula value here", OverrideField)

If OverrideField has a value, it is used. Otherwise, the "formula value here" value is used. You should change "formula value here" to an expression that you want in the formula field.

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It is not possible to make formula field as editable.formula field is a read only field.

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While not a formula field, you could also create a workflow rule which populates a field only when that field is empty. Set up the workflow to fire whenever the field value is blank. Then, as your action, create a field update that sets the field to your formula value.

The downside of this is that the field value will only be updated when the record is saved and the field is blank. This differs from formulas in the fact that a formula field is updated every time the record is viewed. Depending on your specific use case, this may be an issue.

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