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I am using the SHGetSpecialFolderPath function of the WINAPI, and also using the windows VisualExpressC++ compiler (cl.exe) to compile it. But when in linking stage I get this error:

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp___SHGetSpecialFolderPathA@16 referenced in function _main

I guess that I need to link Shell32.lib, is this correct and how would I do it in a way that I can actually get my program running on another system, maybe even a XP instead of a 7, without recompiling it?

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If you're compiling from the command line, just add shell32.lib to the command, something like this:

cl file1.cpp file2.cpp shell32.lib

You're just using a function that Windows provides. Since this particular function goes back almost to the dawn of time (Windows 95, if I recall correctly), you shouldn't have to do anything special to use it on anything reasonably current.

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both good answers but you came first ;) –  Sim Nov 15 '11 at 17:39
SHGetSpecialFolderPath was added in IE4, SHGetSpecialFolderLocation works on Win95 RTM or you can use shfolder::SHGetFolderPath (redist). IIRC SHGetFolderPath or something similar also exists by ordinal only in shell32 on old systems... –  Anders Nov 15 '11 at 18:13

Yes you will have to link to Shell32.lib. Your program will be compatible to both Windows XP and Windows 7 if you do so (as long as you don't use functions that are only available on Windows 7 or Windows Vista).

You will have to change your command line of cl.exe to:

cl program.cpp shell32.lib
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