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safari.application.activeBrowserWindow.activeTab.url is always undefined.

Any idea why this might be?

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My impression is that this happens when the loaded page is not “allowed” in the Extension Website Access section of the extension’s configuration.

Only the websites you choose have web content injected into them, and only those websites can be manipulated using the tab object’s properties, such as title and url.

Also, it seems that the Whitelist and Blacklist settings are applied “on top of” whatever is allowed by Extension Website Access.

First, access is limited by the Extension Website Access settings, then the whitelist and blacklist are applied.

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Aha! You can set your extension's website Access Level to "All" with Extension Builder. Thank you! –  jordanstephens Nov 16 '11 at 15:58
Also, remember to restart the browser for this kind of changes. At least a simple reload didn't work for me. –  Erpheus Aug 2 at 17:52
Yes! Restarting (vs. reloading) helped me. Thanks. –  jrc Sep 9 at 10:26

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