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I have some XML nodes in AS3 which I can successfully reference using:


I hace a variable called dayOfWeek that has the value "wednesday" but of course this doesn't work:


How can I use variables to reference XML nodes?

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off the top of my head: serverXML[dayOfWeek].morning.title –  Frank Nov 15 '11 at 18:21

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If you are using E4X notation to reference XML in AS3, you can do this to get the first match:

serverXML.item.(@dayOfWeek == "wednesday")[0].morning.title

would return the title node, assuming:

serverXML = <data>
<item dayOfWeek="friday"></item>
<item dayOfWeek="wednesday">

if there's a chance that there is no node with the attribute match, assign it to an XMLList first to prevent errors:

var foo:XMLList = serverXML.item.(@dayOfWeek == "wednesday");

check that it has length, then reference.

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