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I always had major performance problems when setting .ItemsSource on a Datagrid to a collection. The method returns fast, but there is a very noticable delay before anything is actually rendered to the screen. Since the Datagrid has the Virtualization modes set, it should be able to handle very larges collections easily. I printed out some debug information in the binded properties of the item collection, to make sure it's not loading the whole collection, but it only accessed the first few items, so I'm sure virtualization is working. And even for small collections, the delay is about the same, so it seems unrelated to actual data loading.

So it's purely the rendering that is causing the slowdown. Most of the times this is caused by having the Datagrid inside a ScrollViewer, or having auto row-height generation, etc. But I ruled all these possible causes out, by giving everything fixed width's, and make sure nothing is set to 'Infinite' or 'Auto'.

After pulling my hair out for weeks, I tried something simple: I switched the Datagrid for a GridView. And to my amazement it does not suffer from the large delay, it paints instantly. Both have exactly the same properties and styling, so I'm trying to understand why the Datagrid was so much slower.

Is there any logical reason why a DataGrid could be slower than a GridView?

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I think that the ListView Virtualizes the data you see, while the datagrid just rendered the whole thing at once. I had the same issues as you with the datagrid. I was showing over 120,000 records and the UI would lock up. I started using DevExpress DxGrids which virtualizes the view.

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As I stated in my question: I actually verified that virtualization was working, it only enumerates the first items. Besides, I have the same problem on small collections. –  Muis Nov 15 '11 at 18:28
I see, I didnt have problems with smaller sets of data. Only when it reached over 30,000-50,000 records. What kind of data are you displaying ? from a dataset or a observable collection ? –  rreeves Nov 15 '11 at 19:23
From a normal collection –  Muis Nov 15 '11 at 19:44

Compare the number of properties, events, and methods. DataGrid has an edit template. DataGrid is just a much heavier weight control and GridView was built for speed.

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The DataGrid is always going to be quite slow, but you can get a (fairly) significant performance boost by using the EnableRow/ColumnVirtualization properties to true (not sure if you are doing this already) and setting a fixed column width as it causes fewer re-calculations of the layout to be performed.

Suggestions taken from here

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