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I'm a beginner with only a little php and not much JS. I'm trying to use this image upload script in the context of a cakephp app and struggling (I believe) because I can't figure out how to call things properly.

The script uses an onchange to watch a file input in a form. When someone selects a file it fires a JS file which creates an iframe with 0 width and height (invisible), attaches it to the document, changes the form's target to point at the iframe, adds an onload function to the iframe and submits the form.

The form submits to a php file which does the upload and returns some html containing the src of the image to the iframe, which, when it loads, fires the JS function which copies the iframe content into a div on the page and then removes the iframe altogether.

I know to include the JS in the view:

echo $javascript->link('ajaxupload.js');

But I'm not sure the php file is firing, I've tried moving the contents into a function in my controller but I'm not sure I'm doing it right, the bit I believe is wrong is where I have to plug in the path to the php file. Like I say, I've tried different configurations but the one that comes default in the code is:

<input type="file" name="filename" onchange="ajaxUpload(
    'File Uploading Please Wait...&lt;br /&gt;&lt;img src=\'images/loader_light_blue.gif\' width=\'128\' height=\'15\' border=\'0\' /&gt;','&lt;img src=\'images/error.gif\' width=\'16\' height=\'16\' border=\'0\' /&gt; Error in Upload, check settings and path info in source code.'); return false;" />

and instrucions say:

Update the form elements below ajaxUpload fields:
1. form - the form to submit or the ID of a form (ex. this.form or standard_use)
2. url_action - url to submit the form. like 'action' parameter of forms.
    3. id_element - element that will receive return of upload.
4. html_show_loading - Text (or image) that will be show while loading
5. html_error_http - Text (or image) that will be show if HTTP error.

maximum allowed file size in bytes:
maxSize     = 9999999999
maximum image width in pixels:
maxW            = 200
maximum image height in pixels:
maxH            = 300
the full path to the image upload folder:
fullPath        =
the relative path from scripts/ajaxupload.php -> uploads/ folder
                        relPath     = ../uploads/
The next 3 are for cunstom matte color of transparent images (gif,png), use RGB value
colorR      = 255
colorG      = 255
colorB      = 255

The form name of the file upload script
filename        = filename

Can anyone help me figure out how to use this with cakephp?

Thanks :)

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You have to change all the links to cakphp links (use echo $this->Html->link/image/etc to do this) you must create and empty action with a view that is scripts/ajaxupload.php – api55 Nov 15 '11 at 19:23
@api55 hey, thanks for the comment - I understand about using the cakey links, but I'm not sure how I'd go about making the action string which gets passed by the form, it's in javascript so I thought cakephp styled code wouldn't work? How would I go about making the 'action' string? ie: scripts/ajaxupload.php?filename=name&amp;maxSize=9999999999&amp;maxW=200&amp;ful‌​…; – Didju Juzphart Nov 15 '11 at 20:58
Is anyone able to help me with this :( – Didju Juzphart Nov 16 '11 at 14:30
$this->Html->link('filename', array('onchange'=>'sctipsts/ajax.....')); remember that in options you may put html attributes like style etc.... – api55 Nov 16 '11 at 14:37

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