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In javascript, how to I do a right trim?

I have the following:

    var s1 = "this is a test~";

     var s = s1.rtrim('~') 

but was not successful

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Top hit on google: blog.stevenlevithan.com/archives/faster-trim-javascript –  Tessmore Nov 15 '11 at 19:55

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Use a RegExp. Don't forget to escape special characters.

s1 = s1.replace(/~+$/, ''); //$ marks the end of a string
                            // ~+$ means: all ~ characters at the end of a string
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Perfect, thanks! –  Michael-O Mar 15 '13 at 15:09

You can modify the String prototype if you like. Modifying the String prototype is generally frowned upon, but I personally prefer this method, as it makes the code cleaner IMHO.

String.prototype.rtrim = function(s) { 
    return this.replace(new RegExp(s + "*$"),''); 

Then call...

var s1 = "this is a test~";
var s = s1.rtrim('~');
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A solution using a regular expression:

"hi there~".replace(/~*$/, "")
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There are no trim, ltrim, or rtrim functions in Javascript. Many libraries provide them, but generally they will look something like:

str.replace(/~*$/, '');

For right trims, the following is generally faster than a regex because of how regex deals with end characters in most browsers:

function rtrim(str, ch)
    for (i = str.length - 1; i >= 0; i--)
        if (ch != str.charAt(i))
            str = str.substring(0, i + 1);
    return str;
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This is old, I know. But I don't see what's wrong with substr...?

function rtrim(str, length) {
  return str.substr(0, str.length - length);
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