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I want to add some constraint to my username varchar in the SQL table so that if a username exists, a duplicate username in a different case cannot be created. How can I do this? Thanks

I am using PostgreSQL, a little syntax help will be greatly appreciated.

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From the docs

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX lower_title_idx ON films ((lower(title)));
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If the tables are not yet populated you may consider simply converting to a standard upper or lower case prior to doing any insertions and making the field a primary key (or just have a unique constraint). If the user want to see his userid in the case he specified this could be another column in the database.

Update:Based on the updated tags I would still suggest the solution I have proposed as being less dependent on a particular DBMS.

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+1 Good idea. to ensure that usernames are in a single case. –  Preet Sangha May 2 '09 at 5:08
-1 sorry. Only badness could arise out of storing a username in two different ways when one of them can be trivially computed from the other. There's no need to break normalisation here as Endlessdeath's answer shows. –  j_random_hacker May 5 '09 at 13:23

Do note that PostgreSQL 8.4 (currently beta) will have a case-insensitive text type.

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