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I have page like this:

<ul id="cards">
  <li id="card1">
    <div id="panel1">
      <ol class="commentlist" id="commentlist1">

Basically, there is a list of cards, each card has a list of comments. The content of div with id "panelX" is generated by JQuery upon clicking a button (all comments and a form are not shown before clicking the button).

I define the CSS of #cards and #cards li in a css file, and ol.commentlist in jQuery.

$('ol.commentlist').css() seems to work but $('ol.commentlist li').css() doesn't, as it is still inherited from #cards li.

Also, $('ol#commentlistX').css() works but $('ol#commentlistX li').css() doesn't.



I found BenM's solution only avoids inheriting from the $(#card li), but $('ol.commentlist li').css() still doesn't work.



I figured out. Because <li> within <ol> is generated by AJAX, and by the time I set css, it is not generated yet. I moved the css setting in AJAX and it works.

And I understand what Leo means "inline style".

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Update your CSS rule for the li:

ul#cards > li {  }

This will ensure that the style is only applied to direct child elements of ul#cards.

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jQuery's .css() method apply inline styles to your elements, so it should overwrite other styles even if #cards li is a stronger selector than ol.commentlist li.

Have you tried to log the result of your selector to make sure you are actually catching some dom elements?

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I added alert($('ol#commentlist' + id + ' li').css()), and it said undefined. –  xuc Nov 16 '11 at 0:16
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