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I have a widget whose content is very similar to what is seen in the actual app, i.e. images and text just on a smaller scale.

I am using the following code to make the widget update after the activity UI updates - only it is not working and the widget it not updating:

Intent i = new Intent(mContext, ExtensionOfAppWidgetProvider.class);

I cannot get the onUpdate() of the AppWidgetProvider class to be called without removing the widget and then placing it back on the homescreen.

Any help is appreciated.


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Here was the culprit...a couple lines of code were missing from the onReceive() of my AppWidgetProvider class.

AppWidgetManager mgr = AppWidgetManager.getInstance(context);

int[] ids = mgr.getAppWidgetIds(new ComponentName(context, PromoStackWidgetProvider.class));

for(int id : ids) {
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Make sure that your widget has itself as a registered broadcast reciever in your AndroidManifest.xml

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