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I have a standard UITableViewController. In the cellForRowAtIndexPath I add a subview to cell.contentView. This UIView itself contains a UITextField object. This object will not respond to touches. I have set the delegate to the UIView and implemented all the methods. I have also set userInteractionEnabled = YES. When I tap the UITextField nothing happens! I feel it's being absorbed by the cell. What would be the easiest, least messy fix?

Best, Joris

EDIT: Sorry, see my answer. I solved it.

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Post the code from cellForRowAtIndexPath. –  Anna Nov 15 '11 at 21:56
Yes, just post some more code –  Nekto Nov 16 '11 at 6:23

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I'm an idiot. Sorry for wasting everyone's time. I hadn't properly said the UIView's frame. It of course did display the UI elements, but wouldn't respond to them.

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Try just adding the textfield as a subview of the cell, this is what I have done in a couple of my apps and had no problems with it

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In your tableView, try to set

allowsSelection = NO;
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Try setting the editing property of the table view to YES. Check this answer

Editing a UITextField inside a UITableViewCell fails

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