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I have a column in my table called DateTimeOfBid, I need to fetch all entities where DateTimeOfBid is within 30 days of today.

I'm using Entity-Framework 4 to access my data.

Here's what I have so far:

EFUserAuctionLanceRepository userAuctionLanceRepository = new EFUserAuctionLanceRepository();

var potentialDiscount = userAuctionLanceRepository.FindAllUserAuctionLances()
                                                  .Where(u => u.UserId == user.UserId && u.AccountableForShopDiscount == true);

var discount = potentialDiscount.Where(p => p.DateTimeOfLance is within 30 days of today?)

How can I write this small query?

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DateTime today = DateTime.Today;

and then use the lambda expression

p => p.DateTimeOfLance >= today.AddDays(-30) &&
     p.DateTimeOfLance <= today.AddDays(30)

EF might need you to do the following, though:

DateTime today = DateTime.Today;
DateTime thirtyDaysAgo = today.AddDays(-30);
DateTime thirtyDaysFromNow = today.AddDays(30);

p => p.DateTimeOfLance >= thirtyDaysAgo &&
     p.DateTimeOfLance <= thirtyDaysFromNow
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Since this is executed on the DB you have to pre-calculate both dates, otherwise this won't work –  BrokenGlass Nov 15 '11 at 21:52
@BrokenGlass: Thanks. –  jason Nov 15 '11 at 21:53

you can also do this....

if (DateTime.Now.AddDays(-30).CompareTo(date) > 0)
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