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I navigate to my tools dir

cd /home/username/android-sdks/tools

and run the

monkeyrunner somescrip

and it says

monkeyrunner: command not found

I have the android home path set, but still this doesn't works

the interesting thing is that when I type ls command I see the monekyrunner

dmtracedump   etc1tool         mksdcard           sqlite3
android            draw9patch    hierarchyviewer  monkeyrunner       traceview
ant                emulator      hprof-conv       NOTICE.txt         zipalign
apkbuilder         emulator-arm  layoutopt        proguard
ddms               emulator-x86  lib              source.properties
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Welcome to the *nix world, where . isn't on your $PATH. ;-) –  Mike Nov 15 '11 at 22:01
He probably doesn't want that anyway (at least not in this case) as creating somescrip in the tools directory might not be the best idea. –  KevinDTimm Nov 15 '11 at 22:19

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add /home/username/android-sdks/tools to the PATH, call ./monkeyrunner from that directory or call /home/username/android-sdks/tools/monkeyrunner from the directory where somescrip is lcoated (the first is the correct solution)

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