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I've got some string constants where later ones are parly composed of earlier ones

const char* ID       = "01099BB2";
const char* FS_LOCATION_ROOT =  "fs:/~0x";

I want to create constants that are concatenations and tried using # as below but got compilation errors:


Is there a way of combining the strings in this way?

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Stringification is a preprocessor feature. No such thing in the actual language C itself. If those are true constants, you could use preprocessor macros and #defines... – Kerrek SB Nov 15 '11 at 22:44

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It depends on what you want to do with those strings. The stringizer operand # is part of the preprocessor, and thus has to appear within a macro definition. It doesn't look like it would help you for your particular situation though. However, you could simply use the fact that secuential string literals get concatenated.

"fs:/~0x" "01099BB2" is turned into "fs:/~0x01099BB2"

However you cannot use that with variables, only with literals. You could do something like this:

#define ID "01099BB2"
#define FS_LOCATION_ROOT "fs:/~0x"


or better yet


However I would think it twice before defining a macro named ID.

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Thanks, I didn't realize they could get concatenated like that. The name ID is a truncated version for posting on here not the real name. – Amino acids Nov 15 '11 at 22:55

Not once they are defined as symbols. You could generate both at the same time, I suppose.

#define stupid_macro(ID,ROOT) \
  const char *id = #ID ; \
  const char *root = #ROOT ; \
  const char *both = #ID #ROOT ;

I didn't quite test it to verify the stringize stuff works, but it should end up with this.

const char *id = "id_val" ;
const char *root = "root_val" ;
const char *both = "id_val" "root_val" ;

The last of which will concatenated them. This is certainly legal, though I can't say its moral.

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