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I use Vim + Cscope for coding in a large repository.

With the integration of cscope in Vim, say to find the definition of variable, i have to type ":cs f g " on vi's command line.

Is there a easy way to map these actions? Like say if i type (Ctrl + g) on a particular variable, it automatically goes to the variable's definitions ? (Ctrl + s) shows the list of occurrences of the symbol under the cursor ?

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emacs :P. Just kidding, I'm a vim user, although I've never tried to do this before, it would be useful. –  jli Nov 16 '11 at 0:04
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I think you're looking for something like this:

nnoremap <C-g> :cs f g<enter>

For more information, see :help map-commands.

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nnoremap <C-g> :cs f g <cword> <enter>, worked like a charm .. sorry for the late ack. –  Sethu Jan 10 '12 at 22:35
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Give this a try

nnoremap <C-g> :execute "normal! cs\ f\ g"<cr>
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