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I'm writing a little website for myself and I'm having trouble with what seems like a simple line of code:

form action="send.php" method="post"

Furthermore, even a simple line like form action="http://www.google.com"> isn't working. Here is my code:

    <body style="font-family:'Tahoma';>  
        <form action="send.php" method="post">  
            <label for="from">From:  </label><input type="text" name="from" id="from"></input></br>  
            <label for="to">To:  </label><input type="text" name="to" id="to"></input></br>  
            <label for="subj">Subject:  </label><input type="text" name="subj" id="subj"></input></br>  
            <textarea rows=10 cols=100 name="message"></textarea></br>  
            <input type="submit" value="Send"/>  
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In what way is it not working? –  Chris Nov 16 '11 at 2:14
What does your send.php script file look like? Btw, you can't use google.com as your action. It sounds like your send.php file must be set up incorrectly. –  MKN Web Solutions Nov 16 '11 at 2:14
How's about posting your send.php code? Also, you have some just plain bad html there. it's <br />, not </br> and in html5 just <br>. You have no "value" attributes in your form elements. Your form has no ID, which sort of doesn't matter but it;s supposed to. and if it is xhtml it should have at least one fieldset in there to be "valid". also, input is self closing. get rid of the </input> tags –  Kai Qing Nov 16 '11 at 2:18

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Here's a form that should work:

<form action="contact.php" method="post">
<p><b>Your Name:</b> <input type="text" name="yourname" /><br />
<b>Subject:</b> <input type="text" name="subject" /><br />
<b>E-mail:</b> <input type="text" name="email" /><br />
Website: <input type="text" name="website"></p>   
<p><input type="submit" value="Send it!"></p>

If you're still having troubles: http://myphpform.com/php-form-not-working.php

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browsers show warnings when your action refers to an external source. Some browsers do not post form at all. This is unsafe for users.

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