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I have python 2.7 installed. I have wamp running. I have MySQL running on 10127 port. I have root set up with no password i have (unrelated) php code running that connects fine with the call mysql_connect('localhost:10127', 'root', '');

when i try from the command line: mysql -u 'root' -p '' -h 'localhost:10127' i get the error Unknown MySQL server host 'localhost:10127'

Similarly, when i make the call import MySQLdb as mdb import sys con = mdb.connect('localhost:10127', 'root','', 'dbname') i get the error Unknown MySQL server host 'localhost:10127' (11004)"

Does anyone know why-oh-why?

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the MySQLdb problem was fixed by calling MySQLdb.connect(port=10127) –  arhud Nov 16 '11 at 2:57

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The CLI expects:

mysql -u root -h localhost --port 10127
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mysql -u 'root' -p '' -h localhost -p 10127


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