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I'm trying to use ReadBean ORM with CodeIgniter 2.0.3. From here: Integration with CodeIgniter, I can see that there is a plugin:Readbean-codeIngiter plugin. I notice by readme.textfile that this is for a prior version of CI as it uses a deprecated file structure (like the plugin folder).

Now, I'd like to know how should I adapt this to work with CI 2.0.3. Here says that plugins should be helpers now, but couldn't get this work. Probably because I'm a newbie in CI, got confused with all this 1.7/2.0.3 - plugin/library/helper/package thing.


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I found a branch from michaelwills that does exactly what I was looking (updating the plugin to CI2).

I tried it and seems to work (i just made a few tests inserting rows to the database). The class to load now is called: redbeanmodel

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