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For I can not add TextColumn directly as I do in GWT Java UI mode, I got a "You can not add abstract component" error. I am using full version of GWT Designer 2.4.2.r37x201110181249 . And I noticed the palette content is different in UIBinder Mode and GWT JAVA UI mode after all. Is this supposed to be that way?Any workarounds?

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UiBinder supports a subset of what is available in GWT Java, so the GWT Designer palette reflects that. The work around would be to use GWT Java.

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Thanks Eric,I saw your Google IO session video this year,really inspiring.But in this case I think uibinder is part of the design philosophy that separate UI and logic, it's better integrate full function into GWT designer uibinder mode. –  Lopakhin Nov 21 '11 at 5:50

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