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Is it possible to use the Google Analytics APIs get a count of the number of times a certain event has been tracked?

More specifically, can this number be counted in such a way that each unique visitor who hits this event is counted only once (subsequent events for each unique visitor are not included in the total).

I am intending to access the API through PHP, for what it's worth.

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You'd set your dimension to be ga:eventCategory, or ga:eventAction or ga:eventLabel (or two or all of them), depending on what level of the event you want to count.

You'd set your metric to be ga:uniqueEvents, which only counts the event once per visit. (You don't have the ability to make it unique according to visitor.) For total events, you'd set it to ga:totalEvents.

And you'd set your filter to filter down to which events you'd like to account for. For example, for events of category Foo and action Bar:


You can test it out in the Google Analytics Data Feed Query Explorer.

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You'll probably also need dimensions such as ga:eventCategory,ga:eventAction,ga:eventLabel – buley May 17 '13 at 15:00

Its is very easy, bit of understanding is enough... Follow this java code or follow this strategy in google analytics query explorer


DataQuery query = new DataQuery(new URL(






query.setFilters("ga:eventCategory==/*Your event as per Google Analytics*/");






query.setIds(/*YOUR TABLE ID*/);

Hope this will help a lot

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