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I was hoping someone could help me with this problem. I have a (incredibly basic) code that I had used for the 8 queens problem, and I'm trying to modify it so it will work with a dynamically allocated array. I'm not trying to print the solutions, so the counter is just supposed to increment every time a solution is found, till there are no more, at which point it will print out the counter as the number of solutions. This is one of my first tries with dynamically allocating memory, so there is absolutely a chance I messed that up, and it is the source of the problem. the code is as follows:

using namespace std;

bool okay (int board [], int c){
for (int i = 0; i < c; i ++){
    if (board [c] == board [i] || abs((board[c] - board[i]) == (c - i)))
        return false;
return true;

int main (){
int n, c = 0, count = 0;
bool from_backtrack = false;
cout<<"How many Queens would you like to place? "<<endl;
cin >> n;

int* q = new int [n]; 

//iterate through solutions with backtracking, just like 8 queens
//but instead of printing, just increment count and return count as
//the number of solutions once it bactracks past the starting point (c = 0)

while (true){
    while (c < n){
        if (!from_backtrack){
            q[c] = 0;
        from_backtrack = false;
        while (q[c] <= n){
            if (q [c] == n){
                q [c] = 0;
                from_backtrack = true;
            else if (okay(q, c)){
    while (c >= n){
        from_backtrack = true;
    if (c == -1){
        cout<<"There are "<<count<<" solutions to the "<<n<<" Queens problem";
delete [] q;
return 0;

it reaches the count incrementer fine, but the problem is that it never backtracks to -1, it keeps incrementing the counter until I ctrl + C, at which point the counter is somewhere upwards of 100,000. Can anyone see my error? I cannot figure out why it worked for 8 queens but will not for the n queens. Thanks in advance for your help

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I thought I had explained the problem fairly well, I feel stupid for having to ask at all –  user1048834 Nov 16 '11 at 4:03
Add some more logs/trace to your code to help you narrow down exactly where it starts behaving differently to what you'd expect. Then run it with a really low value of n! –  Dan J Nov 16 '11 at 5:29

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