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I have a requirement like this:

Requirement 1)

select * from BigTable

1) Where BigTable.User.FullName = XYZ
2) Where BigTable.Network.Name = XYZ

User and Network are seperate tables linked by FK. There are 2 types of options as above. This is actually used for searching.

Requirement 2)

1) Order By BigTable.User.FullName ASC/DESC
2) Order By BigTable.Network.Name ASC/DESC

After the search is loaded, it should be ordered by either option based on whatever the user prefers to sort the data with.

I wish to implement a more refined code where I do not have to duplicate many numerous JoinQueryOver codes just to handle with all sorts of scenarios which loads the entity joined being the current entity; therefore I am resorting to using JoinAlias so that I have a standardized implementation through the whole code execution. Note that I do not want to rely on HQL if at all possible.

For some reason though, I can't really relay my logic into NHibernate coding. Refer to below:

var Query = session.QueryOver<BigTable>();

User funny = null;

Query.JoinAlias(x => x.User, () => funny).Where(() => funny.Full_Name.IsInsensitiveLike("%" + SearchTextFilter + "%"));

return Query.OrderByAlias(() => funny.Full_Name).Desc

I am getting this error: [QueryException: duplicate association path: User]

Any idea what did I mistyped or something? :)


My idea is to separate them for the many possible scenarios involved.

Meaning eg:

Requirement 1) Search by User's FullName.


Requirement 2) Sort by Network Name.

Just based on this 2 requirements, we can have the option of:

  • Requirement 1) Option 1 Requirement 2) Option 1
  • Requirement 1) Option 1 Requirement 2) Option 2 <<< these are the problems
  • Requirement 1) Option 2 Requirement 2) Option 1
  • Requirement 1) Option 2 Requirement 2) Option 2 <<< these are the problems

which will be tedious and ugly to code with. So my thought is to separate them out into segments.

Mixes with different required joins for example:

select * from BigTable Where BigTable.User.FullName = XYZ Order By BigTable.Network.Name ASC/DESC

How can I get this into NHibernate Query?? Please assist

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Anyone with any ideas? :) –  RicL Nov 16 '11 at 6:31
Shouldn't the calls Query.JoinAlias... and .OrderByAlias... be chained? –  Gert Arnold Nov 16 '11 at 8:36
edited to explain. :) –  RicL Nov 16 '11 at 8:55
anyone with any feedback? :) –  RicL Nov 16 '11 at 15:11

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In answer to your main question, I believe your problem is that because you're not chaining as GertArnold suggests, you are in fact creating the same Alias twice.

The JoinAlias and OrderByAlias commands map to the Criteria command of CreateAlias(), which you means you will be specifiying the same alias twice. As such, your problem is discussed here.

So, try chaining the commands so that you're only specifying the alias once, and see if that fixes the issue.

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