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I'm using libxml2 version 2.6.32 which doesn't have function xmlChildElementCount so I wrote my custom function which is given below

int child_node_count(const xmlNodePtr nodePtr){
    register int i = 0;
    for(xmlNodePtr node = nodePtr->children;node;node = node->next,i++);
    return i --;

Now when I've a node in this fashion <node>somevalue</node> I was expecting the function to return 0 count but I'm getting count as 1 is this a mistake in my code or somevalue is really a child of <node>. (I don't know how libxml2 represents XML as )

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i think here you are passing the pointer of root node ..better you pass the pointer of your desire node to calculate its child node.. –  Mr.32 Nov 16 '11 at 4:20
I passed pointer for the <node> tag itself still it returns count as one probably a code mistake but I'm not able to figure it out :( –  copyninja Nov 16 '11 at 4:33
why you are taking register ? why you are decrementing i ? else code is fine.. may be something was misunderstood from libxml2 code –  Mr.32 Nov 16 '11 at 4:40
Register was just to make it fast (may not be required but I actually got loop hole in my code i should return --i not i-- :) Decrementing because i will be incremented one more than existing number of nodes –  copyninja Nov 16 '11 at 4:46

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Yes, somvalue really is a node - a node of type XML_TEXT_NODE. See here for a complete list of types of nodes you may encounter: http://www.xmlsoft.org/html/libxml-tree.html#xmlElementType.

You might be looking for xmlChildElementCount ? See: http://www.xmlsoft.org/html/libxml-tree.html#xmlChildElementCount

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To match the behaviour of the official xmlChildElementCount you should only increment the counter when node->type == XML_ELEMENT_NODE so you don't count text nodes and other types of non-element node.

You should also accept non-const xmlNodePtr arguments and return 0 if nodePtr == NULL

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