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I wanted to call the following function from OS X's DVDPlayback framework:

OSStatus DVDGetMediaVolumeCFName (
   CFStringRef *outDiscVolumeCFName

Eventually, I came up with the following working code:

framework 'DVDPlayback'
p2 = Pointer.new_with_type('^{__CFString}')

But I didn't find the '^{__CFString}' bit in any documentation and only found out what it was really doing afterward (I originally cut and pasted it from an error message). I first tried with both :id and :string with no success.

So my questions are:

  • what's the best way to get this pointer (my way seems ugly)?
  • why didn't work? I thought String, NSString, and CFString were equivalent
  • where would I have looked to find this info? (I checked the MacRuby site, "macro Pointer" reported "Nothing known about Pointer", ~12 google hits, and "MacRuby: The Definitive Guide")
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Although there exists a "toll-free" bridge from NSString to CFStringRef, the same does not apply for NSString* to CFStringRef*, due to the use of ARC (Automatic Reference Counting). Casting a CFStringRef* to NSString* requires the use of __bridge, therefore

will not work. Using


is the best way get this pointer and the best way to find this information is to view the TypeError that is generated when the incorrect type is chosen. For example:

expected instance of Pointer of type `^{__CFString}', got `*' (TypeError)
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