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Mobile Fu seems to be working great, except for one thing... I'm trying to manually set session[:mobile_view] to false, but the mobile format is still rendered. The only way to force it is to do 'request.format = :html'. A simple example of this is:


def check_mobile
  session[:mobile_view] = false

Then, in my home_controller, if I check 'is_mobile_view?' it returns true (even though session[:mobile_view] is false). The reason I am doing this is so that I can allow the user to switch between Full Site and Mobile Site. Seems pretty straightforward.

Am I missing something?

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I met with the same issue and I opened an issue as below:


I actually solved this issue by modifying the method is_mobile_device? a bit. Hope that helps you too..


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Excerpt from the readme:

If you want to use the default response templates, like index.html.erb, instead of the index.tablet.erb you can exclude the tablet rendering from beeing used: you can create a before_filter and put it before the has_mobile_fu call

Looking at your question you have the filter after the has_mobile_fu call.

This is the code excerpt that accompanies the above text:

before_filter :force_tablet_html

def force_tablet_html
    session[:tablet_view] = false
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