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For example:

SELECT MODE(field) FROM table

In another mode, what user-defined function can I use to get the most common value of a column?

I know I can do something like:

SELECT field, COUNT(*) as total FROM table GROUP BY field ORDER BY total DESC LIMIT 1

But I have to query other data in the same MySQL statement too, so I have to use a user-defined function.

Thank you.

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What other data are you trying to get ? i think your going to need to issue multiple queries here –  ManseUK Nov 16 '11 at 17:04

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Here's a link to MySQL's documentation on aggregate functions. It looks like they don't have anything for "mode", so I would say that your second query is probably your best shot.

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MySQL doesn't support user-defined aggregate functions (PostgreSQL does, for what it's worth). You can't use a UDF to do what you want in MySQL.

You can do it for example by putting the mode-computation in a derived table subquery:

FROM (SELECT field AS mode, COUNT(*) as total FROM table 
      GROUP BY field ORDER BY total DESC LIMIT 1) AS m
JOIN table t ON m.mode = t.field;
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