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I am using Entity Framework to look up (and save) an entity in my SQL Server 2008 R2 database. My problem is with a simple ObjectContext.FirstOrDefault call (though it is abstracted via an IRepository pattern).

I am noticing really really poor performance. So attached a profiler and found that the first query I run is where most of the slow downs are.

So the first thing I thought was that I have a bad index. But running a lookup in SSMS is nearly instantaneous. (That is not the problem.) Also tried switching the first query I call and the performance hit stayed mostly with the first query.

There are two methods that EF is calling that take a high percentage of my run time. They are GetExecutionPlan and EnsureConnection.

Are these just overhead that I have to deal with if I want to use EF? Or is there a way to optimize these calls?

One thing I thought of is re-using my Entity Framework ObjectContext. I think if I did that then some of the slow downs would be overcome by caching. However, I have read bad things about reusing the ObjectContext (which is why I was making a new one with each of my service calls).

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