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I have this code from a javascript


after some read about php & \u support I convert it to \x


but still I'm not able to use it in php

$phoneNumber = '+911561110304';
$start = preg_match('/\+\x{FF0B}0-9\x{FF10}-\x{FF19}\x{0660}-\x{0669}\x{06F0}-\x{06F9}/u', $phoneNumber,$matches);

the matches will be null!

how to fix this?

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You sure you copied that correctly? Shouldn't the JS regex also have character classes at least (square brackets) and some repetition modifier at the end? –  mario Nov 16 '11 at 5:23

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It looks like you want to match an ASCII plus sign or its Japanese Halfwidth equivalent, followed by one or more digits from a few different writing systems. But, as @mario observed, you seem to be missing some square brackets. The JavaScript version probably should be:


(I couldn't see any reason for the u at the end, so I dropped it.) The PHP version would be:


Of course, this will allow a mix of ASCII, Arabic and Halfwidth characters in the same number. If that's a problem, you'll need to break it up a bit. For example:

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