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This outputs-BPBPfalse.

I am really confused as to why the boolean is false when the string obviously is the exact same.

Why isnt it BPBPtrue?

Thanks in advance!

public class mySplit {

public static void main(String myString[])
    String myString1= "BP+Car+Bird";
    String myArray[] = {"BP","Car","Bird"};

    String myArray2[]= myString1.split("\\+");
    String A = myArray[0];
    String B = myArray2[0];


    boolean One = (A==B);




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needs to be


because they are different objects.

String one = "one";
String two = one;
boolean isEqual = one == two; // TRUE
boolean notTheSameObject = ("one" == one); // FALSE
boolean areEqual = (one.equals("one")); // TRUE String.equals
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thank you so much.... you have no idea how much pain that had cause me.... haha thanks –  Jon Bauer Nov 16 '11 at 5:18
If the answer solved your problem, you should flag it as the correct answer –  leflings Nov 16 '11 at 5:26

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