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This is probably really simple and I'm just being an idiot.

When I try to compile (Linux, 64bit, gcc) this:

namespace GUI {

class Manager
        bool AddElement(const std::string&, Element*);

        /// Friend functions
        friend void Element::AddToManager(const std::string&);

class Element
        void AddToManager(const std::string&);
        Manager* mGuiManager;

void Element::AddToManager(const std::string& rName)
    mGuiManager->AddElement(rName, this); // Error on this line


I get the error:

undefined reference to `GUI::Manager::AddElement(std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&, GUI::Element*)'

Where should I start to resolve this?

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Have you defined your AddElement in GUI namespace – parapura rajkumar Nov 16 '11 at 5:16
Everything I've done is in the GUI namespace. I put it in the post on the off-chance there's a quirk related to it. – Nate Nov 16 '11 at 5:17
Care to include the definition for AddElement? – K-ballo Nov 16 '11 at 5:20
I feel dumb now. I got distracted by the STL gibberish and forgot that "undefined reference" meant that I had commented out the actual function. I'm new to Stack Overflow; should I delete this question or leave it up to warn others of my stupidity? – Nate Nov 16 '11 at 5:26
Leave it up, move your comment to an answer (answer your own question) and mark it as the correct answer. – kbyrd Nov 16 '11 at 8:08

I was distracted by the STL bits in the error and forgot I had commented out the actual function.

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You need to add the following declaration to your Element class:

friend class Manager;
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