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I want to align the numeric headers of my JTable to the RIGHT and keep all the other headers as is (default left aligned).The column indexes of my numeric columns are 2 and 3. I have tried two approaches but haven't yet succeeded. Following are the code snippets of the two approaches tried.

       //Approach 1
        DefaultTableCellRenderer header = (DefaultTableCellRenderer) cwwObjTblMainTable.getTableHeader().getDefaultRenderer();

Approach 1 causes all the columns of my JTable to be right aligned whereas I require columns with indexes 2 and 3 to be right aligned.

      //Approach 2
        cwwObjTblMainTable.getColumnModel().getColumn(2).setHeaderRenderer(new NumericCellRenderer());
        cwwObjTblMainTable.getColumnModel().getColumn(3).setHeaderRenderer(new NumericCellRenderer());

NumericCellRender is a custom TableCellRenderer with alignment set to RIGHT. Approach 2 causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. Any help on the same would be appreciated.

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It feels good to figure out yourself.The answer is that the approach 1 is correct because it no where mentions the column indexes.Hence it is applicable for all the columns. Approach gives throws an exception is because it should be only be done after the model is set for your table.Setting header renderer before setting the model will not work. –  shabeena Nov 16 '11 at 7:07

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