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The following command is working as expected. What I need to find is the thread id that is available in the first or third column.

# tail -1000 general.log | grep Connect | egrep -v "(abc|slave_user)"
                2856057 Connect root@localhost on 
111116  5:14:01 2856094 Connect root@localhost on 

If the line starts with the date, select the third column i.e. 2856094 or the first column i.e. 2856057

Expected output:
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Another way to look at it is that you always take the fourth column when counting from the right:

awk '{ print $(NF-3) }'

Otherwise, if the date is really the only reliable indicator, try this:

awk -v Date=$(date "+%y%m%d") '$1 == Date { print $3; next } { print $1 }'
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I would suggest "Connect" as the indicator: awk '{print $2=="Connect" ? $1 : $3}' –  glenn jackman Nov 16 '11 at 14:32
Shouldn't it be awk '{print ($2=="Connect" ? $1 : $3)}' –  jaypal singh Nov 24 '11 at 4:43

If your data really is that regular (i.e. all the columns are fixed width), then you could use cut:

tail -1000 general.log | grep Connect | egrep -v "(abc|slave_user)" | cut -c17-23
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This might work for you:

 tail -1000 general.log | sed -e '/abc\|slave_user/d;/ Connect.*/!d;s///;s/.* //'
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Use the awk inbuilt variable NF to capture the number of fields. If they equal to 6 then print 3 column else print 1st column.

awk 'NF==6{ print $3;next } { print $1 }' INPUT_FILE
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Without knowing the format of the file, maybe try:

$ tail -1000 general.log | grep Connect | egrep -v "(abc|slave_user)" | awk '{if ($3 == "root@localhost"){print $1;}else{print $3}}'

Or maybe this would work which is simpler:

$ awk '/Connect/ {if ($3 == "root@localhost"){print $1;}else{print $3}}' general.log

I tried. If I'm wrong, or there is a better way, I to will learn it in time. :)

Maybe this using int() ??????

$ awk '/Connect/ {if (!int($3)){print $1;}else{print $3}}' general.log
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This is close. What I need is this - awk '{if ($3 == "is not a number"){print $1;}else{print $3}}' –  shantanuo Nov 16 '11 at 5:58
maybe this: $ awk '/Connect/ {if (!int($3)){print $1;}else{print $3}}' general.log –  coelmay Nov 16 '11 at 6:07

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