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Hi have a few iframes on a page. Each appears when respective tab is clicked. Initially when page is loaded first tab is selected and first iframe is shown. Now, I have initialized all my iframes to javascript:void(0) i.e. to avoid slow loading of the page. When user clicks on a tab then the respective iframe is initialized to each different page. But since the content is little heavy a 404 Not found page is shown for some time.

How to avoid this? can we show a plain background instead of 404 error. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Don't initialize the iframe to anything. Just omit the src attribute.

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You can handle 404 error by defining in deployment descriptor. If you are in Java you can define in web.xml as follows, <error-page> <error-code> 404 </error-code> <location> /404.html </location> </error-page>

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Just do a custom 404 page with whatever you want on it.

about all you need for the page is:

<body style="background-color:blue;color:white">
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